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TOC Fashion Academy Tuscany is committed to helping retailers, wholesalers, and brands achieve breakthrough results through operational excellence and innovation. We believe that in today’s world, superior planning and dynamic execution are the pillars of any successful operation. Our customer-centric approach is at the heart of our platform and guides us in the development of the next generation of retail optimization solutions. With years of experience and a team of top retail experts, TOC Fashion Academy Tuscany aims to fundamentally change the world of retail operations.

Theory of Constraints – Time-Tested Innovation

Dr. EIi Goldratt, the Founder of Goldratt Consulting, introduced the world to the Theory of Constraints in his 1984 book, The Goal. Until his passing in 2011, Dr. Goldratt continued to develop, refine, and apply his methodology across a wide range of business areas. TOC Fashion Academy Tuscany is at the forefront of the research and development of innovative methods and applications for retail and various other industries.


Our values are the essence of who we are. We have been defining and refining what we stand for over the last 15 years, in close cooperation with our customers. Our values integrate our own personal and corporate experience with the knowledge we have gathered from a multitude of cultures around the globe. These values are what drives us in our quest to deliver the best possible solutions and to revolutionize the global retail world.

Don’t Imitate – Innovate
Never Say: “I know”
Deliver Value, Fast
Win-Win is Always Possible
Global Knowledge; Local Application

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