Luxury retailers are very different from other retailers and face a unique set of challenges. Consumers expect a distinctive shopping experience when they walk into a luxury retail shop. While there is a global rise in the sale of luxury goods, the fierce competition from global players and increasing consumer demand for freshness and variety have revolutionized the luxury retail world. These new opportunities and challenges require retailers to rethink how they manage their planning and operations. They need to carefully plan product allocations and budgets to deal with the high costs of luxury items, resulting in expensive inventories ‒ as well as the limited number of items available for each store. In addition, they face the demands of luxury consumers for exceptionally high levels of customer service that include maintaining store-specific assortments.

We understand the pressures you face ‒ because we have been advising luxury retailers for over a decade. We know this business from top to bottom and have developed solutions that meet your most critical challenges and prepare you for this continuously evolving environment. TOC Fashion Academy Tuscany enables agile planning, dynamic execution, and real-time, store-by-store, item-by-item optimization. From planning and buying to allocation, replenishment, and store transfers, TOC Fashion Academy Tuscany increases your profitability while decreasing your risk … and makes your life so much easier!


Initially, we had looked at TOC Fashion Academy Tuscany as software to help us manage inventory in our stores. We had not understood its strategic importance and the effect it would have in turning around our business

Nidhi Manpuria, Business Improvement, Cromā Retail

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