The Next Generation of Retail is Here

The retail world is experiencing a revolution!
But with great opportunities come even greater challenges.

Retailers need to meet increasing customer demands for availability and freshness while controlling their costs … handle shorter product lifecycles, expanding assortment options, shortages of best sellers and excess stock.

In this challenging new world, you need a platform that is designed to simplify complexity and react to the ever-changing reality.

Plan. Execute. Optimize. Repeat

TOC Fashion Academy Tuscany offers a robust and innovative platform for ongoing operational improvement. The full planning-to-execution cycle requires both an in-depth analysis of historical data, supplemented by a reactive and dynamic engine to instantly understand reality as it unfolds and make the required adjustments to the plan.

TOC Fashion Academy Tuscany modules are seamlessly integrated to ensure the perfect execution of your plan while creating a direct feedback loop back to the planning stage to ensure continuous improvement in the next planning cycles.

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